NRA Women On Target® Instructional Shooting Clinic

Saturday, May 6, 2017


Great job by coordinator Tara Nelson!

"Just wanted to share this with the members who worked the Women on Target this past week end. I have worked many different shooting events at different clubs and places all over state over the years. I have always thought TrICity Gun Club was one of the best places to do volunteer work in the shooting sports.
This year my wife, sister-in-law, and 16 year old niece came to Women on Target.
They proved my opinion to be correct!
I cannot begin to tell you how much they enjoyed themselves, especially my niece. She was raised in an anti-gun household. Her mother had a change of mind about self protection by the recent dog attack and death of the elderly lady in NOKC, so she came to this introduction of firearms!
The members who instructed them were personable, professional, and extremely proficient in their instruction. I heard glowing reports about Jesse on the 50 BMG to Ed on the revolvers, and every other instructor they had.
The mission is to introduce women to the shooting sports and have them become involved in support of the Second Amendment!
Slap yourselves on the backs guys and gals! You did one hell of a fine job this year! "


"After action report: We expended 85 rounds of .50 BMG ammo. Zero malfunctions, one very minor injury (me), couldn't count the smiles. We may consider doing this again sometime."



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The ladies all enjoyed the simulator!



Great lunch by Ray's BBQ!

Ammunition and Equipment Provided by Tri-City Gun Club and  friendsofnra