Guest Waivers are valid from January 1 to December 31 Annually

Download Copy of the 2017 Guest Waiver

Download the 2017 Guest Process

Are you bringing guests to the range? Please take a minute to review the TCGC Guest Process documentation. (available as a PowerPoint here)  Please print a copy of the waiver for each guest and have them read and sign it.  Put the completed forms in one of the mailboxes located on the ranges.

When you bring guests, please do not share the gate combination, meet them at the gate for entry.  Be sure to inform your guests about the 10 MPH speed limit.  You are responsible for your guests, so please remain with them at all times while they are on the range.

It is your responsibility as a member to make sure your guests know the 2017 TCGC Range Rules, and follow them.  Here is the guest information from the range rules;

Guests: There are three requirements for bringing guests onto TCGC property:

  1. The TCGC member needs to directly supervise guests and remain with them on the range where they are shooting. Children under the age of 14 must be in direct control of the member.
  2. All TCGC members are required to review the 2017 TCGC Range Rules and the Range Specific Rules located on the range with guests, prior to shooting, to ensure they understand and comply.
  3. All guests and non-members must sign the 2017 Guest Waiver on their first visit to the range, each calendar year, even if they are not shooting. Be sure the guest PRINTS their name, then signs the form, finally you must add your name as the sponsoring member! It's your responsibility to make sure it’s filled out correctly. Guest Waivers are available online and in the black mail boxes on each range. Completed waivers should be placed in the completed box in the black mail box.
  4. If you have a group of guests and would like to have an RSO present, to coordinate support.

Thank you.