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Senate Bill 566 - Hunting Guides

04/08/2019 2:34 PM | Anonymous


Attached is the full Bill as amended and passed in the Senate March 12, 2019.

This allows hunting guides on public lands and authorizes the ODWC to establish fees and rules regarding guides.   The Act would become effective November 1, 2019.

From: Lance Meek at ODWC says that the took out the bad parts. Below is from their liaison:

B 566 (Sen. Casey Murdock & Rep. Kevin McDugle): SB 566 would authorize ODWC to regulate and assess fees for hunting guides and outfitters, including on Oklahoma’s public hunting areas that have historically been off limits to private individuals being able to profit off public lands that were bought or leased with funds paid by our hunters and anglers. ODWC simply asked that we be able to regulate these activities if the legislature is going to open public lands up for guiding, which was accommodated by a floor amendment by Sen. Murdock. An additional floor amendment restored the title on the bill. Title was stricken in the Senate Ag & Wildlife Committee and the bill passed on 2/18. The bill was considered and voted on by the full Senate on 3/12. The measure passed

(Y-30/N-11). SB 566 was heard and passed by the House Wildlife Committee on 3/27. SB 566 is now available for the full House to consider.

◊SB 923 (Sen. Frank Simpson & Rep. Tommy Hardin): SB 923 creates a 3-day special permit for landowners with 200 acres or more to host veterans and charitable events. This license allows residents and nonresidents to hunt and fish on the specified land with exemptions from hunting or fishing licenses or permit requirements. The Department is able to assess a fee of up to $500 for the permit. Use of the permit is limited to veterans and nonprofit functions, and ODWC is provided with the authority to create rules for the enforcement of the permits.

Sen. Simpson agreed to strike title in the Senate Ag & Wildlife Committee and develop language to limit his special permits to charitable events and provide the ODWC with regulatory authority. With title struck, the bill passed out of committee on 2/18. Title was restored on the Senate floor, and a floor substitute was approved that limited the permit to charitable functions, and allows ODWC to establish rules. The bill passed the full Senate on 3/11 (Y-42/N-3).

SB 923 was heard and passed by the House Wildlife Committee on 3/27, and is now available for consideration by the full House.

Link to bill

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