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2018 WOT Volunteer Reports

05/09/2018 1:30 PM | Anonymous

Ms Nelson,

I appreciated the opportunity to once again work with the ladies during Women on Target this year. Personally, I think we volunteers enjoy the experience as much as they seem to.

As for suggestions, I would like to propose that some variety be added to the rifle portion of the experience. During the handgun portion, both pistols and revolvers are available as are different calibers. To do the same for rifles would not be a problem since the volunteers provide the firearms and only ask for some help with the ammunition to be used. 

Nothing too dramatic would need to be changed except the inclusion of a couple different rifle types/designs with the appropriate ammunition. Perhaps a lever gun, single shot, bolt action, or contemporary of the AR (ie: AK, M14 or FAL) would be appreciated as an experience for the participants.

Just my thoughts and, again, I greatly appreciate the opportunity to serve. Thank you,



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