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2018 WOT Response

05/09/2018 1:32 PM | Anonymous

Sharon and I each had an excellent day. I will let her tell the participant side. She already has a group of her own lined up for next year.

The whole day was rewarding for me, mainly seeing so many come through the archery area, most of them starting with zero experience, and finishing with skills, arrows in targets, and smiles on their faces. All ages, moms and daughters, work friends, outdoor gals and indoor professionals - it was a delightful day.

I'm not an archer, but I knew enough to be helpful. Steve did an excellent job leading, and we quickly filled the coaching roles around him. At the end of the day I peeled off to help Toby stow the hatchet station since he was running solo. I look forward to helping again.



  • 05/09/2018 5:02 PM | Anonymous
    Without a doubt this was the most well organized WOT yet!

    About the only suggestion I'd make at this point is to begin putting members into the Management Software as soon as they sign up for events then send a confirmation e-mail telling them they were "in the system."

    With SportsFest and WOT both, I had volunteers tell me they'd not heard anything until months after signing up and that they were unsure of their status in the interim.

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  • 05/09/2018 5:04 PM | Anonymous
    Tara, Ken:
    I've done a lot of shooting events over the years and almost always had a good time. But the WOT this year was fabulous. All of the instructors and RSOs on the AR line became more enthusiastic at the day progressed and the shooters fed on that which made the line crew and RSOs even more enthusiastic.
    Please compliment the club members who acted as RSOs and instructors on the AR line. They all did an OUTSTANDING job. The instructors who are not club members told me they would come to any event like that in the future if they don't have conflicts. They had a fabulous time and enjoyed it a great deal!

    You did a great job! Last year was great but this year was just flat out WONDERFUL for the participants.
    Thank you for all the hard work you put in!
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