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  Tri-City Gun Club


Questions or concerns? The first point of contact is the Member at Large.  The Member at Large represents the club members who have questions, concerns, issues, complaints, or suggestions.  Member at Large will not give gate codes out for any member, guest, or match/event participant,

TCGC Board Members

Member-at-Large- Robert Powell Jr. - (405) 627-4881 4pm-10pm - Email Robert!  Concerns of Members

All club members that want to bring up any subject to a Board meeting are required to email their detailed request to the Member at Large a minimum of ten days before the Board and or General Mtg.  Allows time to review and add to agenda. 

Do Not Call For Match or Event Gate Codes!

Contact your Match or Event Director.

President - Mark Ericksen - Email Mark!

Vice President - Jamie Schmidt -  Email Jamie!  Check finances, Grants, Hangfire and Youth

Secretary - David Barbee -   Email David!  Maintains Club Records, Membership and Affiliations with Organizations.

Treasurer - Terry "Woody" Wood -Email Woody!  Handles Bill Payments, Investments, Financial.

Chief Range Safety Officer - Hazen Bazinet - Email Hazen! Club Safety and Storage of Firearms.
Scheduler - Tara Nelson -  Email Tara!  Event Schedules on Calendar.

Appointed Positions

Recorder - Stephen Rudnick -   Email Stephen! 
Co-Recorder - Amber Yelton

Assistant Treasurer - James Wilbanks

Range Maintenance - Randy Grotts & Tara Nelson Email Maintenance

TCGC Committees and Groups

Archery - Simm Rudnick - Email Simm!
Youth Group - Jamie Schmidt - Email Jamie! 
Scholarship Committee- Kim Ludwig, Chair - Email Scholarship  Committee
Finance Committee - Ralph Snyder, Chair - Email Finance  Committee
Nominating Committee - Email Nominating  Committee 

Shooting Directors

Shotgun Director - Tara Nelson -Email Tara!
Practical Pistol/22 Rifle- Shawn Sanderson 405-589-2018 - Email Shawn!
Muti Gun - Tanner Williams - Email Tanner!
Military Bolt Rifle/Bench Rest/SMLE/Winter War -Steve Dyer -Email Steve!
Archery - Simm Rudnick - Email Simm!
Vintage Battle Rifle - Email Gerald! 
Military/Revolver/SemiAuto - E.D. Pulver, Email Ed!

Map to Range


  • The objective of Tri-City Gun Club is to promote safe participation in legitimate shooting sports by fostering education, fellowship, honesty, sportsmanship and patriotism. 


450 Jerry Black Lane
Norman, OK 73072

P.O. Box 1604
Norman, OK 73070


Questions or comments? Do not ask for match or event gate codes. Send them to 

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