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  Tri-City Gun Club

Long Range


Long Range Rules

Open Sunrise +15min to Sunset -15min

1. Eye and ear protection required while under the range cover.

2. Rifles, pistols and shotguns are allowed.

3. Bullets must impact directly into a berm to prevent ricochets.

4. All firearms must be placed on the Shooting Bench or in the Rack.

5. When the Red Light is on the Range is Cold

6. When the range is Cold, all firearms must be made safe and have an open chamber indicator placed in the chamber with the muzzle pointed down range or placed in the rack. Black powder rifles must be placed in the rifle rack.

7. When the Red Range Flag is displayed at the 100 or 150 yard Berm, the range is Cold.

8. No aerial shooting.

9. 50 BMG may only be fired from the designated position using paper targets only

10. Glass, exploding, concrete, bowling pins, golf balls and any other target that could cause a ricochet is prohibited. Member provided steel gongs are prohibited. Beer can and liquor bottle targets are prohibited.

11. Plastic bottles, soda/tin cans, self-sealing rubber spinner, gong type targets, and clay targets placed at the base or center of a berm are allowed.

12. Only club-provided steel targets may be used. Gongs may only be engaged from designated firing points. Bullet velocity must be less than 3000 FPS at the point of impact. Gongs may be shot with handgun or rifle cartridges, EXCEPT for 50 BMG.

13. Patterning a shotgun is permitted, but only at member provided cardboard targets placed in front of the 25 yard berm.

14. Buckshot and shot larger than # 7 may be fired at member provided cardboard targets mounted on member provided wooden target frames only.

15. Target Placement: Short targets (wooden frames) must be placed immediately in front of a 25, 50 or 75 yard berm. Tall targets (PVC frames) are permanently mounted in front of berms to insure the bullet impacts the berm without ricocheting.

16. Range procedures:

a. Opening the Range: If shooting alone, before you begin you must open the range by yelling out "IS ANYONE DOWN RANGE?" three times and making sure no one is down range. Then announce “The Long Range is Hot”.

b. Red Flags at the 50 and 150 Yard Berms: When going down range to the 200 yard Back Stop, make sure the range is Cold, the Red Lights are turned on and raise the Red Flags behind the 50 and 150 yard berms to let members know you are down range. The Red Flag flying down range at the 50 or 150 yard berms indicates the range is COLD because someone is down range and the firing line must remain COLD.

c. Driving Down Range: Members may drive down range to place targets. To do so the

range must be cold and all shooters on the range must be informed the member is driving down range. Drive on the road on the south end of the range. When going down range, be sure to raise the 50 and 150 yard red flags so others will know you are there. Once down range, raise the red flag behind the 150 yard berm so others will know you are there. When you return, lower the flag, then make sure all shooters know you have returned before making the range HOT. Do not drive on the backstops / berms.

17. Strip targets, pick your brass/shell casings and clean up debris before leaving.

18. Deflection Limiting: Avoid shooting out of safe to the north (toward Norman) or to the south. All loaded firearms must be pointed downrange. All target engagements must be straight ahead, and bullets must impact the back stops. Do not cross fire.


  • The objective of Tri-City Gun Club is to promote safe participation in legitimate shooting sports by fostering education, fellowship, honesty, sportsmanship and patriotism. 


450 Jerry Black Lane
Norman, OK 73072

P.O. Box 1604
Norman, OK 73070


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