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  Tri-City Gun Club

airgun range

The Airgun Range was built in 2013 by Eugene "Gene" Adkisson. Gene was a respected member of the club who taught competitors competing at the Olympics. 
Our range is set-up to handle standing, bench, kneeling and prone at the Olympic distances. We have updated the Airgun Range over the last year (2018) with lighting, insulation, and better drainage.

Airgun Range Rules

    1. Use .22 or smaller ammunition.
    2. Eye required while under the range cover. Ear protection is optional.
    3. All Firearms must be placed on the Shooting Bench/Table.
    4. Do not handle firearms or anything on the table when the range is cold. Stand behind the yellow line unless changing targets.
    5. When the range is Cold, all firearms must be made safe and have an open chamber indicator placed in the chamber with the muzzle pointed down range.
    6. Plastic bottles, cans, self-sealing rubber and 22 caliber spinner targets are allowed.
    7. Steel, concrete, glass, beer can and liquor bottle targets are prohibited
    8. Strip targets, clean up debris before leaving.


  • The objective of Tri-City Gun Club is to promote safe participation in legitimate shooting sports by fostering education, fellowship, honesty, sportsmanship and patriotism. 


450 Jerry Black Lane
Norman, OK 73072

P.O. Box 1604
Norman, OK 73070


Questions or comments? Do not ask for match or event gate codes. Send them to 

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