Tri-City Gun Club

Informal Shotgun Range

Informal Shotgun Range Rules

  1. Eye and ear protection required within 10 yards of active shooting stations
  2. Keep the action of your gun open at all times except when standing on the shooting station ready to shoot. (Open or Out)
  3. Never load your gun except when standing on the shooting station ready to shoot.
  4. When your gun is loaded the muzzle must be pointed up or down range.
  5. When your gun is unloaded, pumps and semiautomatics should be pointed up and break overs should be on the shooters shoulder with the action open and the muzzle pointed forward or in their hand with muzzle pointed to the ground. Never point the muzzle to your rear.
  6. Lead shot size 7 ½, 8, 9 or 10 or size 7 steel only is to be used.
  7. Clay targets only
  8. Unload your gun immediately if there is any delay while shooting.
  9. Only have the ammunition for the gun you are shooting in your bag. Remember a 20 gauge shell will fit in a 12 gauge shotgun and cause a barrel obstruction.
  10. Shooters with Release Triggers must notify all members and have their shotgun marked with an NSSA approved sticker. Minimum age for a guests with a release triggers is 18.
  11. Pick up your hulls when you are done shooting.

  • The objective of Tri-City Gun Club is to promote safe participation in legitimate shooting sports by fostering education, fellowship, honesty, sportsmanship and patriotism. 


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