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  Tri-City Gun Club

Happy St. Pattys Day 2024

 22 shooters came out to try their luck at the pot of gold. They enjoyed great weather, good food, and, as usual, just a darn good time with friends and family. We look forward to 2025 when we celebrate our 10th year!!
The Pot O Gold went to Randy Grotts. With 19 lucky targets, he scooped up his winnings and said he would like to donate it to the TCGC Youth shooting sports! Thanks Randy!



Tri-City Gun Club has 2 skeet fields and 2 trap fields both of which are lighted. Skeet fields are NSSA certified and trap field 1 is ATA certified. Both fields have a covered patio, gun racks, and several comfortable chairs to lounge in. There is a covered hand thrower area which has 2 club owned throwers.  Feel free to bring your own thrower to this area. For youth shooters and those new to the sport we highly recommend using the pvc shooting stands that are located at the hand thrower area. This helps with muzzle control. Those of you who shoot solo and would like to use your auto pullers at the skeet fields are welcome to do so. No Special Shotgun Orientation Needed for scheduled shoots. i.e. 5-stand and  Monday Night Lights.

    A few things to remember:

    • No shot larger than 7 1/2
    • Trap lids are to be closed at all times, excep for loading targets and maintenance
    • Club does not provide guns or ammo
    • You must provide your own clay targets at hand thrower area
    • Keys are available to access trap/skeet for $25 and orientation
    • All members and guest are welcome to shoot trap/skeet with a member that has access
    • BREAK DOWN ALL BOXES AND PUT IN BLUE DUMPSTER. Yes, this includes shell boxes!! 
    • Empty shell buckets into blue dumpster

 Useful Links

   Gun Fit

   NSSA    NSSA - National Skeet Shooting Association


Skeet & Trap
Lighted Fields open 15 Minutes after sunrise till 10pm.  Lights go off at 10:15.

SKEET/TRAP per Round (25 targets)

Member                                          $4
Youth                                              $4
Guest                                              $7

20 Round Card (500 targets)
Member                                          $80
Youth                                              $80
Guest                                              $140

Recommended shells for skeet are 1oz or less with #9 shot. Shells for trap 1 1/8oz or less with #7.5 or #8 shot. Choke choices vary between shooters.

Checking In and Checking Out

Sign In and record key/card #. Fill out waivers and sign in guests. Your key, you’re responsible!
Pick up your shells and empty buckets in blue dumpster.

Turn OFF and DECOCK all machines when reloading. This may be the most important Rule of all. FIRE SAFE THROWERS. THEY ARE BONE CRUSHERS. SERIOUSLY!

CORD SHOULD BE STORED ON HANGERS IN 3 foot LOOPS. No kinks or twist. Picture shown below. Cord wound tightly             will destroy inner wires and interfere with your game. (cord broken, field closed, NO game).

FLATTEN All Clay Target boxes and Shell boxes and put in Blue Dumpster. No Shell/Target boxes in Patio Trash.
Clean/Sweep/Vacuum Skeet houses/Trap Bunkers and secure properly.
Sign Out, print clearly, record rounds/payment, record Skeet house counter numbers and PAY up!!!Exit Range at 10MPH…..Did you turn off/decock, break down/throw out boxes, sign out, pay up, turn off lights, lock up, and secure stat house?

    Skeet Score SheetTrap Score Sheet

      Want access to the Skeet/Trap Range? $25 Cash/Check for Skeet House Key and orientation.  Contact Tara: 


      See Calendar

      Seasonal Hours

      The latest addition to the TCGC shooting sports is nearing completion. We have had great success in achieving a working 5-Stand setup and everyone who has participated absolutely loves it. The most common word used to describe it is "humbling". We are very proud of the setup, as it is quite challenging.  If your looking to brush up on your wing shooting, come on out and give it a try! No gun, no problem. Pick up a couple of boxes of 12g shells and join in. 

      Check the calendar often for scheduled shoots.  Call, text, or email Tara (405.664.6549 or if you would like to be added to the text group.  Due to changing seasons and holidays we may decide last minute to have an event. 

      Recommended  shells are 1oz or 1 1/8oz with #7.5 or #8 shot. Recommended chokes are IC, M, IM.  If you really want to challenge yourself use full chokes.

      • Members $6 per round
      • Non-Members $8 per round
      “Clay targets aren’t hard to hit, just easy to miss.”

      Monday Night Lights


      Open to members and their guests.  Every Monday Afternoon. Fees are listed above.  This is a great place to start if you are new to clay target shooting.  Or just come out and visit with the group. They can answer questions from what type of shotgun, best ammo, how to play, and learning the fundamentals of clay target shooting.  Join us for fellowship and trap!  No previous shotgun orientation needed!


      SHOOTERS PAY ATTENTION!!! We have noticed a lot of shot damage to the exterior of the high and low houses. This damage is the result of being shot at. There is NEVER a reason to have a gun pointed at the house, let alone firing into it.
      Shooting clays before they leave the house is not permissible. Please STOP.
      Help us keep the fees for shooting skeet and trap at a minimum. Houses, machines, and necessary equipment to operate the fields are not cheap. Damage due to negligence can result in range closures for repair time and increased fees to cover repairs and maintenance cost.

      Contact Tara to arrange a Shotgun Orientation for member access to Skeet and Trap Ranges. Cost of $25.00.

      Tara Nelson
      TCGC Shotgun Director


      • The objective of Tri-City Gun Club is to promote safe participation in legitimate shooting sports by fostering education, fellowship, honesty, sportsmanship and patriotism. 


      450 Jerry Black Lane
      Norman, OK 73072

      P.O. Box 1604
      Norman, OK 73070


      Questions or comments? Do not ask for match or event gate codes. Send them to 

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