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  Tri-City Gun Club

Project Appleseed PROJECT APPLESEED Project Appleseed

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2024 Dates TBA

Where to participate? Tri-City Gun Club Short Rifle Range or access Appleseed Events

Cost to participate?  Appleseed $$$ for updated pricing

Who can participate? Anyone interested. Youth shooters must be accompanied by  adult guardian, responsibly minded, focused, and safety conscious.

What do I bring? Access Prep for Appleseed

Who can I talk to? TCGC Appleseed Contact  Will, David, or Kevan can answer questions not found at Appleseed Info

Register and Pay Here All payments are made through Appleseed.  You will be redirected to the Appleseed Registration page. 

Project Appleseed

APPLESEED?  Say what?

Appleseed? What in blue blazes is an Appleseed event?

Short answer -  History,  Heritage,  Marksmanship.

AMERICAN History, Heritage & Marksmanship.

At an Appleseed event you will hear the story of the first day of America’s War of Independence.

A story that is not often told in public schools these days.

The story of those who SACRIFICED EVERYTHING to stand against tyranny for the cause of Liberty.

Appleseed is a whimsical title in reference to Johnny Appleseed.

He would plant his seeds so that future generations might have the benefit of fruit.

Appleseed is about preserving the History & Heritage of the American Revolution.

Appleseed marksmanship instruction, with practice, will allow you to take a rack grade rifle,

using standard grade ammunition, a G.I. web sling, fixed sights to

Qualify EXPERT on the Army Qualification Test

The standard of 4 minutes-of-angle out to 500 meters.  Online to find out more.


  • The objective of Tri-City Gun Club is to promote safe participation in legitimate shooting sports by fostering education, fellowship, honesty, sportsmanship and patriotism. 


450 Jerry Black Lane
Norman, OK 73072

P.O. Box 1604
Norman, OK 73070


Questions or comments? Do not ask for match or event gate codes. Send them to 

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